Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Story Of Our Groups Coming Together To Start the "Creative Connections Club"...We Are Going To Change The World!

This is the story of our new Creative Connections Club.  We now have a new blog and we would like to share it with all of you.  

This blog came to be because two clubs in different parts of this country decided to work together to help the world read.

The first club, The Technical Difficulties, is in Van Meter, Iowa.

The second club, The Digital Bookworms, is in Weatherford, Texas and this is our story.

It started with me, Reagan. This summer our library had a summer checkout and I found a book called “Walls Within Walls.” It was a Bluebonnet Award nominee, so I decided to take it home. It was really good.  I also have a favorite “youtuber “that does book reviews. I thought “hey, why not make a book review on it.”  So I did. It took a few tries, but I made it and on the first day of school, I walked in and gave Mrs. Ford, our librarian, the disk that had the book review on it.

This action inspired the Media Maker Club that has 13 kids and we want more kids to help us change the world. Media Maker was later changed to The Digital Bookworms. I don’t know how the other group started, but we have the same big picture….

Help the world read.

There might be more groups joining with our effort to encourage reading, so join us. We have books.

Now I am going to tell you the story of The Technical Difficulties from Van Meter School in Iowa.

As Reagan said, this blog came together because of two clubs.  Reagen has told you about The Digital Bookworms but now I am going to tell the Technical Difficulties side.  

First of all my name is Shae Bernhardt and I am the one who thought up and helped start The Technical Difficulties Club.  Every Thursday I was having classes after school with our librarian Mrs. Miller.  After awhile we wanted to start a club to share what we were creating and learning during this time too.  I wanted to share my voice with others and help them share theirs too….I knew we could make a difference.  So that's how The Technical Difficulties started.  

This year I was excited when Mrs. Miller told us we were going to connect with Reagan and The Digital Bookworms in Texas.  I can’t wait to start our projects together and make a difference in the world.  

If you are a group of kids and would like to connect with our two clubs, please join us too.  We would gladly let you join our Skype’s, Hangouts, projects, and of course….write on our cool new blog too!  

Let’s Change The World!